Sunday, September 12, 2010

Xena does flagger training at Watkins Glen

While I was on vacation with my humans, mom and dad, my human mom got to drive on the track at Watkins Glen International Speedway and I got to stand in the flagger station, number 4, so I though I'd learn how to be a flagger. I thought it would be funny to throw a yellow "slow down!" flag on my mom but I couldn't get it over the railing. Here are my pics from my self-taught flagging.

Xena Doggie Warrior Princess blogging on vacation

Dogs who live rough on the streets don't get vacations. In fact we don't even got to sleep because we always have to keep one eye open for danger.

Now I live with two human guardians and this year I got to go on my first vacation. Yea!!! We went to Watkins Glen, NY to the road race track there. Here are some of my pic from vacation.
This is in the car.

This is me at the race track, with some pics of the cars on the track. Check out my reaction to the big iron pounding sound of the Porsches!

Mostly, this is what I did on my vacation: