Saturday, October 27, 2012

Shameless family self-promotion

My niece, Kirsten Thien, has been on tour in Europe for it seems like months now. This weekend she has been in Saltburn on the Sea, in the UK. It's between York to the south and Newcastle on Tyne to the north. Here's a link to the map.

Her website has not been updated during the tour but you can click "tour" and see that today she will be at the Beverley Blues Fest, in England. This stage of the tour she's sent her band home and is performing with local bands. I hope some of my online friends in the UK have had a chance to catch her act.

My mom wanted me to become a famous opera singer. All I want to do is to chant the Exsultet at the Easter Vigil in church. My dream has come true. And my mom's dream? Kirsten rocks!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Well, poor Xena got skunked tonight. In the back yard. Now the whole house smells of skunk. I think we might not be able to get to sleep tonight! I have never smelled anything like it. Nothing like the smell left in the yard when a skunk goes through it. This makes your eyes water. And it's too late at night to go to the store for Febreze!

Thinking of giving up?

What do you do when the odds are five to one against you? Roll over and play dead? Wait passively for someone to save you? Give up and go away? No! For even though we die, we are still the Lord's, and that is victory enough. So, if we die, we die standing, on our feet, singing and praising God for all good things. Long live God in Christ Jesus our Lord!