Monday, March 3, 2008

The Good News

I had a mammogram this morning. The first post-cancer treatment mammo has to be looked at by a radiologist before they’ll let you leave the center. Mine was looked at. When the tech came back with the news, it was "Everything's fine. See you in a year."

That's it? No bells, whistles, streamers, dancing bears, what? So you'll have to make up your own.

Meanwhile, will you forgive me if I don't go into the office today? I'm just too jazzed by the good news to settle down to something productive. I want to read, I want to write, draw, paint. So please forgive me. And I'll be back on track tomorrow.

Peace, and please remember to party, because sometimes the news is just that good!


Barbara said...

Let's all join Lois in doing the HAPPY DANCE!!! Thanks Be To God!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lois, Barbara, John and Dorothy, Betty and Friends at Grace Episcopal Church:

David and I moved to Roanoke VA in June of 2007. I am serving two United Methodist Churches here.
What a delight to get your Grace Happens newsletter today +read your website. WONDERFUL NEWS, LOIS. ALLELUIA!!! I just wanted to add how much I appreciated my time with you way back when in 1995, and the occasional intersections with you all from time to time. You are blessed to be a blessing. With love to you all and HAPPY EASTER (Yes, I know it's still Lent, but still, ALLELUIA AND HAPPY EASTER!).
With love and appreciation of GEC.
Liz Mortlock (