Wednesday, April 30, 2008

God Loves You

In a comment in the thread below, a writer wrote that God loves him too much not to change him. I agree, in theory. However, I do not agree in the general.

I agree that the statement is true for that one person. However, the implication of the statement, in the context of the thread and the comment, was that God loves gay, lesbian, transgendered and bisexual persons too much not to change them, change being, I assume, into persons affectioned only to those of the opposite sex, and content with the sex/gender in which they were brought up, or, if remaining other than that, into persons content to live a celibate life.

The commentor knows very well that men and women all over the world, finding themselves not in the acceptable category of persons affectioned only to those of the opposite sex have, for all time, begged and pleaded with God to make them otherwise so they will fit in, be acceptable before their fellow human beings, and not have to drink the bitter cup of the outcast. Most of those fervent prayers have gone unanswered, if we are to believe the premise in the first paragraph above.

Or, the men and women praying to be made acceptable have not gotten their prayers right enough, or their repentance firmly enough, to warrant a positive response from God.

Or, if it is true that God loves us too much not to change us, then God does not love LGBT men and women, or at least the ones whose prayers for change have not been answered.

There is, of course, another way to understand the apparent silence of God: That those who are praying for change in their affections or the body in which they find themselves are being told by God that they are fine just the way they are, that they are acceptable to God even though scripture seems to say the opposite (in which case, the scriptures that are being used as the warrant for isolating LGBT men and women, having been written by human beings and not God, are just plain wrong, even though the big picture of the scriptures is inspired by God), and that God is drinking that bitter cup with them until the day the rest of the world wakes up.

And, that the change God is making in them is to acceptance of themselves, and acceptance of the love God bears for them just as they are.

This post in no way, however, has anything to do with God trying to change people who are involved in criminal activity, rapists, paedophiles, would-be world emperors, people who act on their hate, and so on. LGBT persons are not in this category of those needing change simply by virtue of being LGBT. Criminal and violent and anti-social actions are equal opportunity actions. They are found in the mixed sex as well as the same sex affectioned alike. That's a whole other story.

And even to these others, God says, I love you. If there is any change to be wrought in any person, it will be within the context of those words from God, I love you.

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