Monday, May 5, 2008

Watkins Glen and Me

Woohooo! omagod omagod omagod I can't believe it. I've been invited to give the invocation on the Friday of the Vintage Festival at Watkins Glen on the weekend after Labor Day, for the reenactment of the first race which was run on the streets of Watkins Glen in 1948. For those of you who are Episcopalians, the winner of that first race was none other than Frank Griswold of Wayne, Pennsylvania, in a pre-war Alfa Romeo 8C2900 coupe, the father of The Rt. Rev. Frank Griswold, previously Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church.

I will be giving the invocation, God willing and the creek don't rise, from in front of the court house, on the start/finish line of the original road race, directly across from the spot on which a plaque is placed in the sidewalk with Frank Griswold's name on it commemorating his win. I can't believe it - me, Lois Keen, giving the invocation at what for me is the Mecca of road racing, the reenactment of the first road race on the streets of Watkins Glen. I can hardly contain myself - in fact, I can't! And why should I?! Woohooo! Poor Newlin. There will be no living with me from now on, or at least until it's all over.

Thank you Jesus! For those of you who would like to read all about road racing at The Glen, here's the link.


Juanuchis said...

Hi! I came here from OCICBW, after I responded to your F1 observations vis-a-vis NASCAR. Nice place you have here! I'll be back. :)


Juanuchis said...

Oh, way cool on Watkins Glen, BTW. :)

I had a friend who used to race vintage Porsche 911's there.

revLois Keen said...

I'm honored, Janis! Thank you.