Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why do we settle for so little in our religion?

Do you want God? Do you really want Jesus? Do you want God in your life, Jesus as an integral part of your life? Do you even know what that means, to have God in your life? Why do you want God in your life? What is God for, for you?

This morning, with the Black Dog, or at least its pup, yapping at my heels, these are the questions I ask. I have long known that the God we worship, the God to which we pray is too small, not God at all, even though GOD accepts our worship and hears our prayers and cares for us insofar as that would be good for us in the scheme of things, even when helping us, which is what we want, impedes the fulfillment of God’s dream which is all creation and all life.

We could reach for the stars. We can become all fire. We can, in this life, be so united to God that we are consumed with transforming our world and the lives in it. All I want to do is be a priest – to lead people into meeting GOD, while I myself search for GOD beyond the God we worship. To teach, to listen to your stories, to help you see GOD in the midst of the cares and worries – the flesh, one woman put it – that gets in the way, leaving only Sunday morning as the one chance to be more than our rest-of-the-week self.

We have settled for too little. It is right that we should pray for the Church, and for those who are in need, for those who are sick and for the dead. It is too small a thing to then expect God to fill our requests while not asking for and expecting God to transform us into people who will make a difference – in the Church, with those in need, those who are sick, those who are dying, those who mourn the dead. It is too small a thing because GOD, the true god, is waiting, hoping, dreaming of us praying to be made all fire, all flame, a light to the nations, and the glory of GOD’s own self in the world.

I’m going to say this, and some may be hurt by it, for which I am deeply sorry: I desire to serve a people, before I retire or die, who want to be all flame. I want this more than anything. We don’t need a church building, or high overhead, just people with dreams of being more, of being useful, of making a difference. People who are willing to take into themselves the constant cry of the angels and Jesus himself, “Do not be afraid!”

Are you out there? How do I find you? I would give up everything to lead and serve you (although of course I haven’t run this by Beloved yet, Newlin that is, or thought about how we will support ourselves or where and how we will live – details, details, details!)

But there it is – I dream, and I dare to think that dreams can come true, can be real, and I dare to believe that it is dreams like this for which GOD keeps waiting, and hoping, and dreaming. And even then, my dream may be too small a thing, and so I put myself in GOD’s hands to enlarge the dream as much as my aged body and soul can take.

I have to go into the office now. Do you want to know why I go into the office, really – in addition to the two appointments I have? I live in constant hope that in doing so I will one day meet GOD, the true God, face to face, in someone who wants to be all that GOD dreams us to be. There is always that chance. I have that dream, and I don’t think dreams are given lightly, especially the dreams of becoming all flame.


Barbara said...

I hunger and thirst for more. Something seems to always be holding me back, but still, I hunger and thirst. BUT, I am feeling the possibility of a breakthrough. Is that because I am feeling that you are leading the way for us, ME? I hope that is the case. I hope others are hungering and thirsting and want to be a part of the seeking. I pray this.

FranIAm said...

Oh my- this is my first visit here, I know you from MP's...

What a brilliant post. And so true.

I pray, I seek, I long... Sometimes I can feel the flame, sometimes even see it... but not always.

But Lord do try.

Thanks be to God for you and for what you feel. So many pastors I know are just so dry, drained - often through no fault of their own. And I don't just mean my own Catholics.

I am lucky- I have someone who is not that way. And your congregation is lucky to.

As are we who can be touched by you from all the way out here.

revLois said...

Thank you, Barbara and franiam - this is a first comment by fran and all I can say is...I am not worthy, and I am honored. I can't wait to tell my webmaster!

FranIAm said...

Oh dear. Please... If you tell anyone, I may be found and dragged away to the asylum which awaits me.

Oh wait, that asylum is MP's blog!! And I think I am already committed!

Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today. Prayers right back to you.

Greg said...

As another visitor from MP's asylum, may I just say that the vision you set out here is magnificent, calming and inspiring, bringing me back to what matters, instead of getting sucked into chewing over Lambeth and the like. As you say, terhe is so much more to be. With grateful thanks from Kent,

revLois Keen said...

Greg, you made my day! Having gotten myself riled up about Lambeth again today, I will take your words as the needed antidote. Thank you for visiting.