Sunday, November 29, 2009

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WE HAVE A DOG! Her name is Xena, Warrior Princess. We adopted her from a no-kill animal shelter in Connecticut yesterday, Saturday November 28. She's a lab mix, about 45 pounds, a year old. She was a stray, rescued by the Connecticut shelter from someplace in South Carolina. She is so sweet.

She just had her first bath - that was an adventure! but she did great. Now she's getting a walk outside.

I'm not going to gush. I just wanted you all to know, it's been past time to honor the lives of Black Bart and Miss Kate of blessed memory, by giving a home and family to another dog. And I half believe they sent Xena.

So, rejoice. And please welcome, Miss Xena, Warrior Princess of all Connecticut!

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Jeffri Harre said...

Welcome home ,Miss Xena Warrior Princess. You picked good!