Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Meditation Wednesday after Lent 2

It was a long time ago when Newlin taught me to sight birds through binoculars and I discovered hawks. They became and still are for me reminders of God's presence.

At one time in my life - the years of magical thinking (as though those years were over!) - a hawk sighting encouraged me to think something good was going to happen. Then came the day I sighted fourteen hawks on my way to work. I thought, "What really wonderful thing is going to happen!" but I got to work only to find that the head trauma facility in which I worked was begin closed down by the parent company for not being profitable, all our clients were to be shipped out to other rehab facilities or nursing homes and we were all being canned.

From that day I got scared whenever I sighted more than three or four hawks in one trip.

Actually, I don't think the hawks have anything to do with telling the future. But I still get a twinge of fear now and then. We just went a whole week without a sighting of the Grace Church resident hawks. Then over the weekend we got this picture and since then I've seen both of them every day. Maybe they are a sign. Of what, I don't know.

Or maybe they're just hawks - and wonderful!


DeanB said...

Wonderful indeed! I take them partly as a sign that there are enough mice,etc., around to make a living, partly a sign that the environment is cleaned up enough for various wildlife (both predators and prey) to survive in the city.

Lois Keen said...

Actually it's plenty of squirrels! And they can have all the squirrels they want, thanks be to God. Thanks for dropping by, DeanB.