Friday, April 30, 2010

Resurrection continues

Remember this post? About the sage plant?

Soon after that post, I read that if a sage plant doesn't like where it is, it means the place will not be good for the humans.

Well, I have good, resurrection news! The plant is spindly, yes, but it is alive, it has several branches with leaves, and it is going to bloom!

Now, true, there are only four buds on the whole plant. But there are four buds!

I noticed them this morning, and this same morning one of the Grace Hawks was again perched on the tip of the steeple cross. Now I call that good news.


Barbara said...

I notice on my cook shows that they are frying sage leaves. I wonder if that might be a bun garnish. But then I don't fry.

Lois Keen said...

I saute them in butter and olive oil sometimes as a sauce for pasta, with walnuts.

DeanB said...

I like to pick a few leaves of sage, thyme, tarragon, chives, whatever herbs are growing in the garden, chop them up, and add them to scrambled eggs. When my kids were little they once asked, "What's the green stuff in the eggs?" and I said, "It's from the garden." So the recipe has been "scrambled eggs with garden green stuff" ever since. In the winter, when the herbs are from jars, it's just "scrambled eggs with green stuff."

Lois Keen said...

Thanks, DeanB - excellent reminder. My herb garden here at the rectory, except for the sage plant, is growing in a big rectangular self-watering tub on the deck. I now have everything I need in it, including lavender, which I"m thinking will go in that herb mix for the eggs.

I love having my own fresh herbs right out the back door!