Monday, August 2, 2010

Back from Vacation

I'm back from a week of vacation with Newlin and Xena, Warrior Princess of All Norwalk. I suspect Xena will sneak in here and blog her own point of view of this past few days. For me, the time was restorative. I enjoyed the setting of the place Newlin's "handlers" rented for his this summer, on the east shore of Lake Seneca in the Watkins Glen area. The back yard falls off to a field of queen ann's lace and apple orchard. The orchard is not kept up and is all the more charming because of that. I'll cut in some photos later in the week after I'm caught up on other things.

The highlight of the week was the last day, Sunday. Xena and I left with Newlin at 5:15 a.m. for Prime Hook Beach, just south of Milford and north of Lewes Beach, Delaware. The occasion: a birthday party for my oldest brother's spouse. And it was extraordinary, for Douglas's birthday was, finally, the catalyst we were all looking for over the past several years to bring all us Thien kids together in one place again. Yes, we were all there - amazing! Along with our two nieces, one of whom is Kirsten Thien, Rock Star.

My brother had brought in a three man band and Kirsten, her partner, and her dad (the middle Thien kid) brought their guitars and we had a jammin' good time. Our next goal: Thanksgiving together in NYC, Spanish Harlem.

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