Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Falling, falling, snow, falling

It snowed again. This is the most snow of all the snows in this month of January. It began yesterday morning at 9 a.m., which it most certainly was not supposed to do. Now the snow is over. The early morning "night" sky is clear. The moon is unobscured. And Xena, Warrior Princess Labrador Retriever Mix of All Norwalk is in seventh heaven.

It really is beautiful. Every snow mountain left from the previous snows is piled high and rounded off like something out of an imaginary landscape. Unlike all the other snow days, this morning the city is absolutely silent. The plows (ploughs?) have already been and gone by 5 a.m. And, if we are wise, we will all take this last deep snow as an excuse to just stop for a day and let it be. When the sun comes up, it will all change.

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