Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Is Advent coming early?

I've opened a new blog. Don't know exactly where it's going yet. I've been wanting to open one for some time. Today I knew what I wanted it to be. Like you, I'm wondering how it will unfold. Much like my life in ministry - where is it going? What will it be like in a year? Maybe this blog will be the one where I track that movement. Maybe Julian House Retreats will be part of what my ministry will be like in a year.

Something is moving. I wonder what it is.

I have friends out there in blogland for whom there seems to be no movement, or even backward movement. I think something is up. Something is happening. Wait. Watch. Listen. Maybe Advent is coming early.

Now, how does one resolve the mystic with the lover of Formula 1 Grand Prix racing?! Maybe it needs no resolution. Maybe the clash is in the assumption that the mystical is "up there" somewhere. My experience is the mystical is very grounded and down to earth. Wait. Watch. Listen.

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