Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I have been very remiss about posting, and for that I am sorry. Apologies to those who come to visit.

I have a friend who has dared to name the tyrrany that is the world wide web. One day a couple of weeks ago, he turned off his computer, and posted an automatic reply to his email, saying that he was taking a day off from his email so don't look for a reply - he just gets too much email. Last week he noted that as his email increased, personal contact decreased. His phone hardly ever rings anymore. All contact is through the internet.

I am very pleased to have my very own blog. There are also some blogs which I read regularly. In fact, I read them several times a day, and I get quite miffed when there isn't something new there everytime I check! This is part of the tyrrany about which my friend speaks. It becomes, for me, who vowed to myself that a post once a week would be enough, a source of guilt when my real life leaves me without the drive to post even weekly.

Hence, this post about not having posted! (chortle)

But seriously, if you enjoy reading here, that's wonderful. I am glad for it. I'm working on a major essay on art and spiritual development, which is taking some time, of which I have little right now. I hope you'll keep coming back to see if I've finally posted it, and when I do, I hope you'll let me hear from you.

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