Thursday, June 5, 2008

Won't Mad Priest be jealous of this

I've just been advised there is a reservation for me, on August thirteenth, for a day on the track at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut, in the novice class, with SCDA. That's Sports Car Drivers' Association LLC.


Oh God, I'm scared! I want to learn to drive fast around the track, but there will be other drivers out there with me. Who will pray for them? I'll be on the track four times, for a total track time of about an hour and a half. I still can't believe it.

And all because Newlin traded the guy who runs the association one of my photos of the track for his new website for my track day.

Newlin says, we can practice between now and then. What does that mean? (Little does he know that I did just that today during the three and a half hours of drive time I had between home and Lakeside Connecticut and back!

Watch out, everyone, here I come!


Carole said...

Go get'm girl! You are braver than I am, however I didn't mind running on horseback, so to each his own, I guess. LOL Wish I could still do that, I miss my stablemate so much.

revLois Keen said...

I was so wishing to I wasn't afraid to ride the pony you rode at Mr. Smith's farm in Lewes, Carole. I still have no intention of going faster than a walk on horseback.

Behind the wheel of a car, on the other hand - I'm looking forward to finding out what I'm really made of.

Keep well.

Anonymous said...

Rev. Lois,

While my spouse drove the monster mile in Dover (he drove like the old man he is) I got to ride with Bubba in the lead car. we were flying around 120 mph into the 24 degree embankments and what a rush! It was the best birthday present I've ever gotten. I'm to chicken to drive on the track, but look out on Rt 1 South headed to the beach.