Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Power of Prayer

This morning I visited one of my favorite web logs, OC,ICBW... to check on how some of its denizens are doing after asking for prayers. As I read through the many comments on the prayer thread, I was once again very aware of the community that has been forged through the internet, at least on this one blog, a community presided over by the one who calls himself the Mad Priest.

And as I read through the comments I had another awareness: this reading of the Mad One's blog is part of my spiritual practice. Some of the threads are irreverent (thank God! The Church needs to keep its sense of humor.) Some of them are offensive (also, thank God! We, when we are at our best, hone our debating skills and practice articulating our own beliefs while making room for (or not!) the points of view of others). Some of the posts are satire on, frankly, frank (read rude and even salacious) photos. And most days there is at least one post with music cuts (I warn you to never, ever click on the music link when the title of the post is "Where Does He Get them?"!!!!).

All of this is grist for the prayer mill and fodder for the life of spiritual practice. I am stunned to say it. And glad that so many of us have a place, a congregation, of which to be a part regardless of who we are, what we believe, what religion or none, where we are on the sliding scale of sanity.

I read through the comments on the prayer thread, and the comments themselves become my prayers for this morning. I am tempted to put up a link to that thread. I'm sure no one would mind, but somehow I want to retain the integrity of the site, with all its warts as well as its beauty. So I invite you to find your way to the church of misfits, myself included, over at OC,ICBW... and by the way, those initials stand for "Of Course, I Could be Wrong..."!

And remember, this is not "churchy". It is even challenging for many. But it is indeed holy, regardless of what you may think of what you find there.

While you are there, and even if you don't go there, please keep in your prayers: Ellie, David, JimB, Tracie. The Lord be with you.

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