Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dispatch from Sierra Leone - Arrival

Lois has intermittent access to email from Sierra Leone and asked me to post the following. I will post entries from Lois as we receive them.
--Grace Church Webmaster

We have arrived in Sierra Leone. We had 14 hours flight and 7 minutes in a helicopter - the first for all of us. Freetown is an eyeopener. The beaches, the ocean, the mountains are beautiful. All along the road along the beach are people who were displaced by the civil war. They have no where to go, no where to live. So they have built squatters' huts and little shacks from which to sell various things. Today we passed the amputees, young men who had various body parts cut off during the war. They were organizing for a soccer game.

At the same time, there were young men in long, low fishing canoes with nets, and people on the shore pulling the nets in with their catch for the day. These days those young people are in danger because the commercial fishing trawlers are cutting them off, and even cutting their nets. Such beauty next so much other stuff I can't even write about yet, but more later in the week.

Peace, Lois Keen

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