Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am now on Twitter, Facebook and Anglimergent. All this is very exhausting, because anything to do with the computer has a steep learning curve for me. However, I have already connected with a bunch of folks from my past, not only my present, which is cool.

Now we are moving house tomorrow and Thursday, plus I have a wedding rehearsal and wedding Thursday and Friday, and a big meeting coming up with the bishop on Sunday evening - four hours with dinner. So I'll be taking a break from the computer until Monday-ish.

Peach to you all; God's Peace be with you.


DeanB said...

"Peach to you all" is a very fortuitous typo, especially right about this time of year.

Lois Keen said...

Oh that's funny - I think I'll leave it! And sorry I totally forgot, with the extended moving house, to check my own blog. Oh bother...