Saturday, June 27, 2009

The week that was

Wow. The move from one house to another, about three miles apart, took the entire week.

And it 's not done yet! You should see the previous house - thank God Newlin is going to take care of that bit, with a little help from the kid next door who's home from college. I can deal with an orderly progression of packing up things in a room. I can't deal with there still being bits and bobs left behind - the mirror that goes on top of my dresser, all the clothes in the closets, a box of sewing threads ( ! ), a bag of knitting. Let someone else throw it all in a big box and move it out.

Of course, the actual physical move - loading up the car on Wednesday, having the movers move the furniture on Thursday - had to take place in those two days because Beloved Partner was on a photo shoot from the weekend until Wednesday, and then left at 3 in the morning Friday to go on another. He's coming home early, though, tonight. So that's good.

And of course, there was the exhaustion of a brilliant, enthusiastic, and depleting meeting on Wednesday night that ran late, the wedding rehearsal on Thursday night (I swear, I ran them through it in 20 minutes, and then they changed it all at the end and that was fine.), then the wedding on Friday afternoon, followed by the reception (I really shouldn't to go those, I know), the healing service this morning (thank God - there was a woman drop in who really needed it), and tomorrow a major parish meeting with the bishop.

so, a nice, relaxing, low key week.

Next week all I have on my calendar is three physical therapy appointments and one oncologist follow up.

Now, why am I writing to you about all this boring, personal life stuff? Because who else is going to listen! That's why.

I'm on orders not to do any work today. But of course I just have to shift some more of these books into bookcases...

aren't you glad I took a break to write?! Cheers, all.

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Barbara said...

It's all the boring and personal stuff that makes us so lovable.