Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dog Blogging

Hi. I'm Xena, Warrior Princess. My mom is revLois. This is her blog. Maybe she'll let me set up my own blog someday but for now she doesn't even know I've figured out how to type and how to post. This is my picture. I'm quite beautiful, don't you think?

I have more pictures but because I'm all one color my humans haven't quite got the knack of capturing my essence every time.

I have to go now before She Who Must be Obeyed (leave it! drop it! let's go! kennel up!) returns and finds me here. I will try to post again.

By the way, I hear there are dog bishops out there in blog land. I would love to hear from you. Perhaps you could give me spiritual direction.

Uh oh, I hear HER coming. Bye!


Barbara said...

Xena looks sad. Maybe pensive. How can that be in your crazy household?

Lois Keen said...

that was taken after I caught her trying to get into my blog. Looks like she succeeded this time!

DeanB said...

Very soulful eyes