Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Xena Update

Xena Warrior Princess has now been with us for more than five weeks and she is settling in just fine. For those of you who don't know about Xena, we rescued her on Saturday, November 28. She's a one year old black lab mix. There's a picture below at this link (if it works).

She still shies from small things, like my turning the page in a book, but we have no idea what the first year of her life was like, having been rescued from life as a stray in South Carolina.

Her coat is now glossy, her eyes bright. She's had her physical and gotten high marks - only an ear infection to deal with and that's gone now.

We go to classes every Tuesday to learn how to teach her the things she didn't get to learn as a pup and she's doing great. However, what is this thing with the shoes?

She's not chewing them. She just collects them, and she knows it's wrong because she's sneaky about it. And she does it when we're in the house with her.

Overall, however, she's doing well and we can't believe we waited so long after the death of Miss Kate to rescue another dog companion. Miss Kate and the late great Black Bart can't believe it, either.

She has not started blogging yet, but she wrote her own thank you note to "Aunt Barbara" for her Christmas present, so I guess it won't be long. There she is, looking over my shoulder, watching my every move, as I post this. Very interesting...

Maybe she'll be a more faithful blogger than I've been!


Barbara said...

aren't our canine friends the best ever? Amen.

DanaJKalman said...
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