Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Meditation for Ash Wednesday

Last Sunday we had a Valentine service, to celebrate love in all its diversity. There were decorations - hearts of all sorts - all over the building, including six hanging hearts in the coffee room and the hall entrance to the church itself.

I took down all the paper hearts, but I left up the hanging hearts and the window cling hearts for Lent. We closed out Epiphany celebrating God's love for us, our love for God, our love for others, God's love for others and I want to carry that recollection of love through all of Lent.

God sent Jesus for love of us; God sent Jesus to love us. Jesus went to the cross for love of us. God raised him from the dead as a ratification of the Triune God's unconditional, universal love. We keep Lent because we love God, and Jesus, because they first loved us. We keep Lent in thanksgiving for, and remembrance and celebration of their love for us. We keep Lent to remember to love others because we first were loved. Lent is all about Love.

And so, the Valentine's day hearts will stay up at Grace Episcopal Church, at the corner of Mott Avenue and Union Park, in Norwalk, Connecticut.

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