Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Day!!!!

It's snowing!!! Yea!!

The rain yesterday flooded the rectory basement. Booooooo!

Newlin has today off because the snow! Yea!!!!!

He has spent last night and most of today in the basement dealing with the water. Booooo!

The sump pump was working. Yea!!!!!

It quit this morning and another inch of water collected. Boooooo!

Newlin got the pump to work again. Yea!!!!!!

He's still in the basement, dealing with wet things and sweeping the five different streams of water that keep coming in toward the hole in which the sump pump is placed. Booooooo!!!!

There is a sump pump. Yea!

It is not located at the lowest spot in the basement. Boooo. And it drips out into the driveway. Boooo. And then rolls down the driveway to re-enter the basement at one of the leak points in the foundation. Boooooo. Boooo booooo booooooo!

But it's snowing!!!!!!!!!!


Barbara said...

We are dealing with pretty much the same thing. The sump does pump but the water still keeps coming in. But there IS snow.

Lois Keen said...

Yeh, I was thinking of you all day.