Saturday, June 5, 2010


This week I learned that when my father's people came to this country, they were not welcome. People from their country didn't speak English here and they did things their own way. For four generations my ancestors spoke only the language of their homeland. My father was the first to learn only English and not to have to speak the old language at home.

However, they did bring some customs that we now tend to think are U.S. American, as well as introducing some foods we now take for granted.

From what country did my father's, and my, forebares come? What customs, and what foods?

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Jeffri Harre said...

We're finding out all sorts of interesting things and tracking down hard to find ancestors with the Grace Genealogists. We've been meeting the second Monday of the month, but may change our meetings because the Spanish class decided that the best night of the week for them was Monday. I'll keep you posted.