Friday, October 1, 2010

New Virtual Church Launched!

Dear friends,

I commend you to two new websites.

The first is St. Laika's Church, the Reverend Jonathan Haggard chief blogger priest. If for no other reason, try St. Laika's as we say daily prayers together, with Fr. Haggard leading us by podcast. Music is included as are the lives of the day's saints.

St. Laika's came to birth as those who frequent Fr. Haggard's blog OCICBW... realized the blog community was stronger than the content of the blog itself. We found ourselves praying for one another, giving to support mission together, writing to support one another in good times and bad. When Fr. Haggard found he was going to be "between parish posts" for some time, we urged him to start a virtual church. We prevailed upon him to name it "St. Laika's" for many of our saints - as well as blogging "bishops" - are beloved animals known for their courage and grace. St. Laika was our first name saint, being the dog who went into outer space alive, although her humans had no intention of bringing her back but instead deemed her life worthless except for what it could tell them about space. She went out alone; she died alone. Those of us who love animals call that martyrdom. We call upon St. Laika when our own animals are in distress.

It is all good fun; like all good fun, it is also serious. We mean that which we laugh at and with.

To keep us on the straight and narrow and to give us a core spirituality, Ellie Finley, a solitary religious, has opened a companion blog, "The Anchorhold" with links to other sites that help us with our spiritual development.

I commend both the Church of St. Laika and The Anchorhold to you.

I don't know if the program through which I have this blog allows for a "blogroll", but if it does, I request the web and blog administrator to add these two sites to it. I also ask him to add them to the web page of Grace Episcopal Church.

The Lord be with you and your spirit. Daily let us pray together and enjoy.

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