Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Eucharist October 3

I have lost my voice. I had a horrible upper respiratory thing that went to my lower throat area and whilst it was finally breaking up last night, this morning I awoke with no voice.

So what did we do at Grace Episcopal, Norwalk? I'll tell you what. I gave a typed handout to my chief cook and bottlewasher - the crucifer - that stated the case and outlined the solution. She found others to help and the service was lovely. Lay people led all of the service. I stood up at the appropriate moments and did the hand actions. I had a very brief, concise sermon photocopied and it was handed out after the gospel. After everyone had a chance to read it silently to themselves, they broke into small groups and discussed it. It went way over the 5 or 6 minutes I had estimated for that discussion - it was lively!

Now that's church.

One person commented that it was nice to be able to say the words to the Eucharistic Prayer. I'm just delighted to serve a congregation that is willing to "punt" when necessary and to do so with grace (no pun!), dignity and competency. It was a truly lovely service. Thanks be to God.

Now, if you missed Communion, or Holy Eucharist, or Mass today, you can still celebrate with St. Laika's Online Church sermon included, Father Jonathan Hagger presiding via audio file. Go there, worship, and then come back here and let me know about your experience. As a parish priest myself, I'm finding it comforting to go online, sit back, and let someone else do the "heavy lifting" whilst I relax into saying my prayers along with the audio and spend time doing nothing during the music except being open.

The Peace of Christ be with you, this day and always.

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