Friday, February 4, 2011

Blame la niña!

Good grief. Another storm coming tomorrow. "Wintry mix." And again next Tuesday. Same thing. Miss Xena is no longer romping madly through the snow. She can't. It's coated with a layer of ice. She goes out and licks it. It's painful to watch her walking on top of a drift and suddenly have one leg break through the ice.

But she won't give up. She loves the outdoors. She's making the best of things - she loves to play with ice, so she sheers off a bit of the ice layer and carries it about. The only drawback, in her point of view, is that doing wind sprints around the yard and back and forth to and from the porch door and the back of the yard is not on until there's a thaw, at least of the icy part!

Ten degrees F this morning at 6:30. Right cold for a human. Means nothing to Miss Xena, Warrior Labrador-Mix Princess of all Norwalk.

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