Sunday, February 20, 2011


I'm doing much better since yesterday's post. Two things - Sunday's worship, the coffee hour/vestry lunch, the Vestry meeting, and post-meeting conversation were great.

And this afternoon I see the snow has melted off the container gardens in which I had my herb garden, and lo, the flat leaf parsley from last season is green, and the pansies are growing. It's a miracle! It also looks like the lavender in those tubs made it through, and I'm not sure about the rosemary, but the leaves are supple - I think they made it too! Unheard of here in Connecticut.

There's a third thing: the prayers from the international community and from here made themselves felt. What could have gone on for days has evaporated. Give thanks to God, for God is good. God's mercy endures forever. And so does prayer...

...and spring-iness...

...and a good Sunday all around.

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