Monday, January 23, 2012

Not Baltimore's year

Well, the Baltimore Ravens lost to the N.E. Patriots yesterday.

I don't like sports, except for Formula 1 grand prix racing. I do like Baltimore - the Orioles and the Ravens. It's been a long dry spell. 2001 was the last time the Ravens went to the Super Bowl. Without them there, I will, of course, not be watching the Super Bowl, because it's not the sport, for me, it's the team.

But I have to say, the Ravens played a very good last game.


DeanB said...

That was a really good game. I guess everyone expected it to go to overtime. There was a look of disbelief on the players' faces when the kick missed -- not "that was good, how could they call it wrong" but "how could he have missed that?"

Similarly, when the Patriots lost the super bowl a couple of years ago, I felt that it had been a very good game -- although Pats fans wouldn't like it, football fans would.

Lois Keen said...

Yeh, DeanB, I couldn't believe it, either. All I could say was "no!'.

I'm old enough to remember when the Colts were abducted in the middle of the night away from Baltimore, and when an independent football league started another Colts team, until the copyright lawyers stopped that. It was wonderful when Baltimore was given a new team, the Ravens. At that time I was still following the Orioles because the ballpark was only an hour+ away. I sure do miss Baltimore sports!