Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Snark revisited

I have my answer to why it's okay, if you're a young woman in your twenties to park blocking access to and egress from my driveway: "You know what?" Today's parker said, "It didn't hurt you."
There you have it. So long as something you want to do does not hurt anyone else, it's okay to do it. Rudeness and inconsideration notwithstanding.

I had read in an article in a past issue of Christian Century that this is the moral compass of the current young adults - okay to do it so long as you don't hurt anyone else. In theory, this didn't matter to me, until I realized my experiences over the past eight months are an object lesson in this moral compass.

Now, as for the adult male construction workers who can't see that the end of their truck is blocking my driveway, well, that's another matter. I'm tempted to park on the street, in front of my own sidewalk. Trust me - if I do that, I'll be the only person in all of Norwalk to be ticketed for blocking a driveway! Of course, I'm assuming that is still a law. OCICBW...

Now, how come I don't get any little smiley face emoticons with this program? : )

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