Monday, February 27, 2012

The bishop and the missioner

Yesterday was the visitation of the Right Reverend Ian Douglas, Bishop in the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut.

He preached in English, with paragraph by paragraph translation by the Reverend Jose Diaz, Missioner for Iglesia Episcopal Betania, partners with Grace Episcopal Church in Norwalk, Connecticut.

The sermon, therefore, runs about 30 minutes with translation, so because of YouTube's time restrictions, it appears below in two parts. Here are the links.

What do you think?

The visitation, by the way, went wonderfully. The worship, accompanied by singers and band led by Music Director Richard Andrews, was both contemplative and uplifting. The lunch after, with foods from both congregations, Grace and Betania, was delicious and the fellowship rewarding. And the meeting of the two vestries (boards, or governing bodies, in non-church terms) with Bp. Ian ("call me Ian") was inspiring.

Many thanks to everyone who was there, everyone who made the day possible, and to Bp. Ian.

By the way, we topped off the day with seven of us going down to the Open Door Shelter in South Norwalk to take our turn in leading Sunday afternoon worship there. Wow. I am overwhelmed by how God chooses to love others through us.

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Barbara said...

I like this Bishop. He listens. He's relaxed. He listens. He's flexible. He listens. He teaches simply and from the heart. Oh, and did I mention, he listens? An all over super visitation.