Sunday, February 5, 2012

Moving into the 20th Century

I'm so excited - we're finally working on videotaping and/or audio taping my sermons, with the end goal to be, if they work, to video and/or audio tape all the services. Then they would be imbedded someplace on the website.

Way cool! The first attempts, at Christmastime, did not work well soundwise. Today's trial was much better. The audio is very clean. Newlin put his iPhone on the lectern and recorded through the phone. The video sound still has a hum in it but it's not the end of the world. The problem of the sunlight from the clerestory windows washing me out has been solved by repositioning the camera.

Now, the next test is, can I figure our, first, how to link to the podcast on this blog. My toolbar has "add image" and "add video", and there's a link to other websites. Well, we'll work on this and if we figure it out, I'll edit this post.

I am very excited about this. And Newlin says, "I'm pumped!"

We're ready to go. It is here

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