Friday, March 9, 2012

New Car news

We saw a new Fisker in Westport last weekend. We were mesmerized, and I confess, we followed it until it turned off. It is absolutely beautiful. Now this happens - see link here.

I don't know how to explain the fascination with high performance cars which also happen to have beautiful lines (not all high performance cars are beautiful!), and which BP and I can never even hope to drive, much less own. I blame my Dad. I think one of the first words I learned to say was Jaguar! And Dad said his dream car was the Lotus Elan. He did get to race speed boats on the Hudson River. What more can I say? I wish grooming young people to be race car drivers had been available to me when I was a child.

Oh well, at least I've had my day on the track, and in my tres sportif Astra, no less!

A week from Sunday, opening day for the Formula 1 Grand Prix series - the Australian Grand Prix. Cheers!

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