Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Why do we need it?" of the week

Daylight savings time.
Invented so farmers could have an extra hour of daylight, or so my mother taught me.
Why do we need it now?
For one brief, shining moment, it was light when I got up.
Now it's pitch dark.
I hate daylight savings time.

The deeper, theological question is, what's with us humans that we just can't stop ourselves from manipulating our environment? I get making shelters and growing food and needing clothing. And yet, since we can't influence the sun, moon, stars and planets in their courses, we still find a way to manipulate them: Daylight savings time.

Now I have to get to work on tomorrow's sermon. My dull, waking in darkness mood, will most likely affect what I write. Will there be sun?


Anonymous said...

"not cricket"?
Veddy, veddy British today are we? Been longing to cross the pond?

Lois Keen said...

Hi, turnip ghost. Yes, I do miss Britain. Once, when a friend was serving four years in a parish in England, my spouse and I could go over there and stay free of charge, except for me doing the cooking and us renting an auto. It's been a long time.

For the rest of you reading this seemingly non-responsive comment, Turnip Ghost is actually responding to a comment I made on a thread on Mad Priest's blog. Fortunately, I'm bi-bloggal.