Friday, June 24, 2011

Latest from mi esposo

My husband was at Watkins Glen earlier this week as photographer for a non-spectator high performance car club event. In addition to the car clubs that rent the Glen for Driver Education days, the Glen is also open on those days for Thunder Road Tours at noon and 5:00.

Anyone can sign up to be in the line of cars that get to drive around the track at Watkins Glen at about 60 MPH for two laps, a stop at the start/finish line for photo ops, and a final third lap. I did a Thunder Road tour just last summer and every second I thanked God for the Driver Education day at Lime Rock Park Newlin got for my birthday the year after cancer!

Now my husband's late father, who died over 30 years ago, was a car person. He was a white collar worker for DuPont and yet his suburban home always had more cars parked in the yard than some legendary Appalachian homesteads, just higher class. All for tinkering with.

Senior's favorite cars were Pierce-Arrows, some of which were often featured as gangster cars in old movies. So when mi esposo got into the flagger stand to shoot yesterday's 5:00 tour, he was in tears when the cars came in sight - every one of them a classic Pierce-Arrow. Here's a shot of a few of them, and then the "art" shots of a hood ornament.


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