Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I have my priorities straight - Newlin is in Watkins Glen International Speedway and today my hero, Lewis Hamilton and his Formula 1 car from last year's season are at the Glen. He and some Nascar driver are going to drive three laps on the track, and then swap cars and do another three laps.

Newlin has already seen Lewis's car - it comes in a big box, in pieces and they assemble it at the track. Newlin is a spectator for this one. He sent me a photo of the portion of the track he can see. (I can't stand that I'm not there!)

Just now he told me he has heard Lewis's car. (Oh I really can't stand it!) This is so not fair - I was advised by a parishioner to take a sick day and go to Watkins Glen. Just so you know, I have my priorities straight but I'm here in Norwalk anyway.

Tonight they'll televise the "seat swap" on the Speed Channel (74) but I'll be in Hartford for Program and Budget. Again, my priorities are straight but instead of watching the coverage on Speed, I'll be in Hartford.

I am my father's daughter. #1 priority: loud engines and speed. He crewed racing motorboats on the Hudson back in the day. My love is Formula 1 and any fast car running around a road track - Watkins Glen, Limerock Park, New Jersey Motorsports - these are my favorites. Will vacation never come?!

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