Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cross Posting ramblings

I posted this in the comments at Episcopal Cafe under "Hurricane Check-in":

I'm in Norwalk, CT, on Long Island Sound. Grace Church was flooded out in the 1954 hurricane, when it was located on the Norwalk River. We relocated further away but who knows - it's still only a few blocks away. We in town have not been ordered to evacuate.

Preparations have gone as far as they can. Cloudy. Occasional drizzle. No wind yet. It feels strange - disorienting - like I can't tell what day it is since life does not seem to be carrying on in the neighborhood the way it usually does on a Saturday.

Service cancelled for tomorrow. Elderly all checked up on. Keeping iPhone charged. Sent the bulletin - always full text English and Spanish side by side, with readings - to those who have email. Have already planned a post hurricane Service of Thanksgiving, bilingual, with my Hispanic Missioner counterpart for Thursday evening at 7.

The porch rockers have been lashed to the railings, the hatches battened down next door at the church, and now we wait.

And so, to bed.

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