Friday, August 5, 2011

Question of the Day

I just watched, for the second time today, a commercial on TV for Kindle - an electronic book/print media library storage system - and the method for selling this Kindle is to demean those who carry books around instead of storing them in an 8 oz Kindle.

So my question is this: When did it become okay to put down people who prefer the alternative to the product being advertised? Why do we put up with this negative comparative advertising? About the same time we gave positive reinforcement to negative political advertising?

The companion to negative comparative advertising is the violence based advertising. For instance, the antacid commercial that has the food beating up the person who wants to eat it, making the antacid necessary in order to tame the food.

Another sign that I am a dinosaur is that I refuse to buy anything, even if I want it, that relies on negative comparison - no, put down comparison that demeans the other - or violent advertising hiding behind puerile attempts at humor. I find it killing to the collective soul of humankind. I realize, too, this is all wrapped up with our need to bludgeon one another over ideas, opinions and beliefs.

So, Kindle, so what if I prefer a book to a Kindle? I don't need a reason. It's an aesthetic thing. Like preferring to draw with a pencil rather than a computer program. This is why I seldom give reasons for my likes or dislikes, my preferences, and decisions. We live in a culture of overcoming objections. There is no more "let your yes be yes and your no be no" (James 5:12).
It's "let my yes be your yes and my no be your no".

Finally, Kindle, how about changing from comparative ads to just stating the features and benefits of a Kindle without comparing it to books and people who prefer to lug books around in book bags? People like me. Who find it comforting to spend a vacation pouring over my stacks and piles of books, handling them, and just enjoying looking at them in every room of the house. Take me as I am, Kindle. And I'll do the same for you. Not better or worse, just different.

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