Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane watch Saturday

Took the dog for her usual 5:00 a.m. walk down the bike trail. On the return it was beginning to spit rain out there.

I have two brothers who live in the evacuation zone in Delaware. The one who lives right on the beach has, according to the other brother, probably (probably!) already left for inland Maryland. The other brother and his rescue greyhound King Charles, are "probably" going to stay put. He's not on the beach. I'm trying to remember if he's near marsh land. Oh bother. My anxiety level is rising. Must remember to breathe.

Today I will tie the porch rocking chairs to the railing. And I'm going to cut myself a big bouquet of zinnias. I'd rather cut them all since they're going to be pummeled to the ground anyway so might as well enjoy them inside. Can't do anything about the green zebra stripe heirloom tomato plant. I might pick some of the larger fruits - not really large enough yet, but still...better than not enjoying them at all.

Later today my partner in ministry, the latino missioner, and I will plan a thanksgiving service for later in the week, for the passing of the hurricane. I look forward to that.

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Barbara said...

..."my partner in ministry" how beautifully apt. I love you both.