Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vacation Treasure Hunt

I was watching History Detectives on TV and found, on their website, that you can submit a family mystery to them to research so I dove into the Thien Family Archives, of which I am the caretaker, to see if I could find the stuff I knew I have on my Dad during WWII with Douglas Aircraft and Wendover Utah.

Well I found it, but not until I found his father's birth certificate, giving his father's father's and mother's names. And, just for a bonus, my mother's father's geneology from Norway (in Norwegian but with translation, thank God!). AND, the Goodrich family photo from the 1800's of the "Goodrich Drum Corp" with names. Hidden gold!

Tomorrow, a day with Ancestry.com updating the old family tree with solid info. I love this stuff.

And I'm still going to write to History Detectives to see if they can verify my dad's part in certain aspects of WWII which have been part of the family lore but with little detail. Bonus there: a commendation for Daddy, a civilian, aboard a ship attacked at sea, for his service above and beyond.

And then there's "Aunt Alma" (Daddy's aunt), the artist and genealogist, but that's another story, for another day.

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