Friday, November 16, 2012

It's "Take your daughter to work" Day today for Miss Xena

Today Xena, Lab-mix Warrior Princess of Norwalk, goes to work with her dad to meet Labrador retriever Mako. Mako lives at Xena's dad's work in Ramsey, NJ. Mako needs a place to stay over the Thanksgiving weekend so today the two doggies get to meet one another to see if they will get along for three or four days.

The mind boggles.

Actually, though, Xena likes boy dogs, and both she and Xena are neutered, so this might work. I do so hope so. Xena's first play date - it's like sending your kid off to school for the first time. What will I do all day in an empty house?!


DeanB said...

I used to work at a very dog-friendly place. Several people brought dogs more often than not. There was one airedale who napped in the hallway so often that someone posted a sign, "Caution: intermittent canine speed bump"

Lois Keen said...

Oh that's totally, brilliant, DeanB - totally laughing out loud! And I needed that laugh, after just coming home to the news that the Church of England failed, in the laity, to approve women as bishops. Thank you for that laugh.