Thursday, November 22, 2012

So far so good with the guest doggy

Night two and we all slept through! Not a waking or barking from one or from two.
The doggies are playing and rolling about. They're nipping and pushing but no need to shout.
Xena will not let that pup put her down. Oh yes, there goes Mako, on his back on the ground.
Xena is standing right over that dog. And he dares keep trying to treat her like a broad.

The humans are anxious. Why are not the dogs? It's Xena's house after all. And Mako knows.

O dear, they are coming right into my room! Both dogs in the office. Newlin, lower the boom!

Mako back to his kennel. Xena back to her room. A long weekend coming. May dog friendship bloom.

Watching a video of the two of them sparring. Suddenly, Mako makes it his job to protect the property from a truck coming into the parking lot. Xena backs right off. Mako stands his ground facing the truck until it's gone. Then the two of them go into detente. And when it gets rough, in the house and back to their respective quarters.

Mako is accustomed to spending the night in his human's basement, in the crate, alone. So I feel a little better that he's in our basement with his crate. But it is cute that he lies down on the landing in front of the kitchen door to the stairs, and that Xena knows he's there and sometimes whines a little his way.

Just for the record: Xena has had Mako on his back, dominating him, at least four times now, and Mako's score is zero. He has never had her off her feet. That's my pack leader girl!

Four more nights and three days, plus the rest of today, for our sins. Pray for all four of us!


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