Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Remember Bring Your Daughter to Work Day with Xena?

Work has come to visit Xena at her home! Yes, Mako-the-shark-lab-pitbull mix has come to stay with us over the holiday. That's six nights and five days monitoring the behaviors of two dogs who have met one another exactly once. Yes, they spent that entire day together, if not companionably, at least in a state of detente. But in Xena's home? Where her job is to "Guard the House, Xena"?

I imagine by the end of the weekend all will be well. I think Newlin may be dossing down in a sleeping bag in the basement with Mako who is supposed to sleep in his crate. If only I weren't a natural born worrier and instead were a positive thinker...

Photos tomorrow? We shall see.

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