Saturday, November 17, 2012


Well, qualifying for the first United States Grand Prix in ten years is over. Vettel on pole, folowed by Hamilton, Webber and Grosjean in the next three slots of 24 starting cars. Grosjean will take a five space penalty for having had to change the gear box after practice, so he'll actually start 9th. Raikenon will move up to fourth.

 The new track in Austin, Texas is brilliant. The Formula 1 drivers agree it's the best of the new tracks. Bernie Ecclestone was asked, "What about a track in Mexico again?" to which he answered, "Build another track like this down there and it's a done deal!"

It's a very exciting track. Vettel is slow as dirt on the straights but he's very fast, fearlessly fast on the turns, and this is a good track for him.

Tomorrow, the race. Mi esposo will have to record it for me because I'll be presiding over the Spanish language mass at Grace for Iglesia Betania. I can't wait to see the start!

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