Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Anglican Covenant - Why?

Tomorrow night I get to go to New Haven for a diocesan-wide discussion on the proposed Anglican Covenant. The diocesan eNews had this blurb:

Your diocesan General Convention 2012 deputation has organized a forum with presentations and discussion on the proposed Anglican [Communion] Covenant. ... The 2012 General Convention is likely to include a resolution regarding the proposed covenant. Bishops and deputies have been asked to provide comments on it, and BIshop Douglas has asked CT's deputation to help the rest of the diocese learn about it.

I am opposed to this covenant. I also take responsibility for putting myself in places where I can be challenged on my point of view.

Mark Harris at "Preludium" has a post on the Chicago Consultation's analysis of the Covenant. I commend their work to you.

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