Monday, April 4, 2011

UConn Women

Well, not being up on basketball, I missed it: The UConn women's team made it to the final four but Notre Dame prevailed last night and UConn will not go to the finals. Notre Dame will take on Texas A&M tomorrow night.

Since I still think of Notre Dame as all men, GO NOTRE DAME WOMEN!

And UConn Women, well done. See, I just get sick of only #1 counts. I think the UConn Women are winners, too. But I'm never going to sell that in our pathologically competitive society. So, UConn Women, again I say, well done!


DeanB said...

Of course I have to comment -- I agree that all a championship means is that one team played better on several occasions. Everyone who reached the final four, and many who were narrowly eliminated earlier, is a winner.

And really, I was just thinking, here's something that might help you pass the time until the grand prix season starts.

Lois Keen said...

Grand Prix season started a week ago Sunday in Australia: Vettel, Hamilton, Petrov. Next race: this Sunday in Malaysia. I was lazy about blogging.