Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Really lovely services today. I am so grateful. Although my feet are killing me and there's still tomorrow night's Vigil and Sunday's festive Eucharist (Mass) with two baptisms. I'm preaching in both English and Spanish on Sunday. We're supposed to have rain showers. I'll try not to think about that.

For now, we enter into the Sabbath of Our Lord. He rests, or at least his body rests. I go with the ancient Orthodox churches. Jesus has descended into Hell. Hell means Death. There the dead sleep. He goes to seek the lost sheep - Adam, Eve, even Judas, and all those who have died before and those who have yet to die. His weapon against Death is his Cross. The bridge he carries is his Cross, over which he leads all souls out of the Hell of Death into light and life.

For now, we here on earth rest, with his body, in a full 24 hours of sabbath until the great festal shout of the Vigil of Easter.

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