Friday, April 29, 2011

Rest in peace, wild violets

Honestly, what is this thing with manicured lawns? Just as the violets carpet the whole lawn at Grace, out come the lawn mowers and cut them all down. So the grass was long - why does it matter?

Seriously. Please let me know why manicured lawn trumps violets and the Star of Bethlehem wildflowers. Just another area in which I'm out of touch with the rest of my culture. (sigh)

At least I got to enjoy them for a few days, for which I give thanks to their creator and mine. Also, thanks for the nuthatch in the pine next to the garage early this morning - what a treat. And a mostly sunny day.

And, I got pansies and some herbs from Stew Leonard's, potted them out, put up moveable fencing around the main garden plot (sorry Xena - no more running through!) and am all set with containers and cages for the tomato plants I'll pot out after I start them from seed.

Altogether, a good day.

And, the wonderful thing about violets - the mower man doesn't come again until next Friday, and violets are very resilient. There will be more blooms between now and then. A triumph over our cultural philistinism!

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